Name of the Department: NCC Girls Wing & NCC Boys Division

Commencement of department:

(a) Girls Wing- August, 2010
(b) Boys Division- August, 2016


(a) For Girls Wing- 20 UP Girls BN NCC, Lucknow
(b) For Boys Division- 67 UP BN NCC, Lucknow

Certificate Courses run by the Department:

B Certificate (2 Years Duration) &
C Certificate (3 Years Duration)


(01) Col. (Prof.) Sanjay Singh
Colonel Commandant, NCC
(Date of Appointment:: 30th March 2020)
(02) Capt. (Dr.) Raj Shree
(Associate NCC Officer)
(Date of Appointment:: 24th Jul 2011)
(03) Lt. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Dhadwal
(Associate NCC Officer)
(Date of Appointment: (30th Aug 2019)

Available facilities in the department: Dedicated Office for NCC and 1 contractual person

Conferences /workshops/other events organized in the department in the last three years. : Total 63 social awareness activities in collaboration with CBFW team, GCC team, UBA team, EBSB team, Department of HR apart from institutional training.