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  Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of Student in Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University.

 Hostel Manual

Hostel Manual for Student in Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University.

  • To ensure that students coming from different parts of the country live together and strengthen their relations with mutual co-operation and goodwill.
  • To ensure that the students are able to devote adequate time to their studies and research.
  • To develop a climate congenial for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of students.
  • To develop an environment of community living and sense of social responsibility amongst the students irrespective of their caste, religion, place of living and gender.
  • A student seeking admission to the hostel may download from University website submit the same, duly filled along with documentary evidence of registration for a regular program of study of the University and Aadhar Card as residential proof in the Office of the DSW within the prescribed date
  • For the admission and continuation of accommodation in the hostel, the student shall deposit the hostel fee receipt in the hostel office by the last date as declared by the DSW office. If he/she fails to do so, the allotment shall be considered as cancelled
  • Allotment of hostel shall be made by the Dean, Students’ Welfare or any officer authorized by him. No student shall be entitled for any particular hostel or room as a matter of right
  • The students are expected to take possession of the allotted room immediately after allotment of hostels by the Dean, Students’ Welfare office, after paying the prescribed hostel fee, but not later than seven days of such allotments failing which the allotment shall automatically pass to the next candidate in the waiting list
  • The allotment of rooms to the students in a hostel shall be made by the concerned Warden (s)
  • The allotment of hostel shall not be claimed as matter of right and will depend on the availability of seat
  • Allotment of a hostel room/seat shall not confer on the hostel inmate (student) any right to tenancy or subletting and the University shall have right to have the accommodation vacated in the event of breach of rules by the inmate
  • The hostel residents should be back in the respective hostels latest by 10:00p.m.. Hostel inmates who are found outside their respective hostel premises after the stipulated time and involving in any indisciplinary activity or otherwise disturbing the peace on campus and privacy of BBAU community shall be evicted from hostel forthwith apart from any other disciplinary action by the University administration
  • Note: In case of Girls Hostel the timings for returning in the hostel is 8:00 p.m. and the morning exit timing will be 5:00am.
  • A resident who wishes to remain absent overnight shall take prior permission of the Warden concerned in the prescribed form available in warden office and shall make the requisite entry in the register available with the security guard
  • No visitor shall be permitted to stay in the room of the resident after 10:00 p.m
  • In case a hostel inmate leaves or returns to the hostel after/before the prescribed time, he/she shall enter his/her names in the register kept with the security guard. In case of refusing to do so he/she shall be liable for disciplinary action
  • Residents shall keep their rooms and hostel premises neat and tidy. No sticker / painting is allowed on the walls of the rooms
  • Rooms shall be subject to inspection and checking by the University authority at any time
  • Hostel inmates shall not misbehave or manhandle hostel staff on duty in the hostel premises. Any such indiscipline shall attract severe punishment as per university rules
  • Hostel inmates are expected to come to dining hall, common room and the office properly dressed, failing which they shall be liable to disciplinary action as per University rules
  • No hostel inmate shall carry on any activity in his/her room which may cause disturbance or annoyance to his/her neighbour or to the hostel or to the University authorities. Appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against such students as per University rules
  • Male visitors including male students or guests shall not be allowed in ladies hostels except bona-fide male guests who may be permitted by Warden in the visitors’ room of girls’ hostels
  • Only men can stay as guests in a men’s hostel and only women can stay as guests in girl’s hostel on payment of guest charges (Rs. 150/-per day for NON-AC and Rs. 400/- for AC room) for a maximum duration of seven days with prior permission of warden
  • The hostel inmates shall make payment of all hostel dues at prescribed intervals as per university rules
  • Visitor’s stay in a hostel room in the absence of the hostel inmates is strictly prohibited and such visitors shall be treated as trespassers and shall be liable to the dealt with as per university rules
  • Any hostel inmate lodging an unauthorized person shall be liable to fine and such other disciplinary action as per university rules
  • “The hostel inmate(s) on account of harbouring unauthorized person(s) in his/her room would be fined in the first instance Rs. 1500/-. If found guilty second time, the fine will be Rs. 3000/- and if found guilty for the 3rd time, he/she will be evicted from the hostel.”
  • Notwithstanding the above, the disciplinary committee may take suomoto cognizance of any violation rules or indiscipline by any student and may impose fine/punishment as it deems fit
  • The hostel administration reserves the right to deny entry into the hostel to any visitor including any student if, in their opinion, the visit is likely to disturb peace and discipline in the hostel
  • The hostel inmate shall be given essential furniture (one cot, one table and one chair) in their allotted rooms
  • Every hostel inmate shall be responsible for the care of the hostel property he/she uses. Any damage or loss of the hostel property will be charged individually, as the case may be, and shall be deducted from the caution money deposited by the inmate at the time of admission and they will also be liable to disciplinary action
  • Hostel inmates shall switch off the lights, table lamps, fans and other electrical gadgets of his/her room while going out
  • The hostel inmates shall not remove any property from the dining hall, common rooms or visitor’s rooms or any other rooms of the hostels. In case they are found indulging in such activities, they shall be liable for disciplinary action
  • The hostel inmates shall not tamper with the electrical fixtures in their rooms or in the hostel premises or use any unauthorized electrical gadgets. Any violation will amount to breach of hostel rules and shall be fined Rs. 1000/- in the first instance, Rs. 2000/- in the second instance and shall be evicted from the hostel if found guilty third time
  • Cooking of food in the rooms including the pantry is strictly prohibited
  • The hostel inmates shall take care of their personal belongings and use their own locks in the rooms. The University shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of their personal belongings
  • No hostel inmate is permitted to take away his/her belongings from the hostel premises without a proper gate pass issued by the Warden
  • Use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages and gambling in the hostel premises is prohibited and any inmate found guilty is liable for disciplinary action
  • Pets shall not be allowed within the hostel premises
  • The hostel inmates shall not hold any religious or political meeting (other than related to student’s activities) within the premises of the hostel, except with the prior written permission of the Vice-Chancellor
  • The hostel administration reserves the right to take disciplinary action including eviction from the hostel, for violation of any of the above rules.
  • The University reserves the right to close any or all hostels suomoto
  • Accommodation in the hostel may be allowed initially for the current semester and will be subsequently allowed to the continuing registration and fulfilling academic requirements from time to time by the allottee. All occupants should subject themselves to the proof of registration and payment of all hostel dues every semester, including depositing of registration folios with the hostel office/Dean Students’ Welfare office, failing which, he/she will be liable to be vacated/evicted as if he/she was not a registered student
  • An M.Phil./Ph.D. hostel inmate may stay in the hostel not exceeding the total period of registration as prescribed in M.Phil./Ph.D. ordinance
  • Note: (i) M.Phil./Ph.D. hostel inmates may stay in the hostel maximum for 7 days after the date of submission of their M.Phil. dissertation/Ph.D. thesis (ii) P.G., M.Phil. and Ph.D. hostel inmates of the University who have vacated the hostel and are required to visit the University again for their Dissertation/Project or viva-voce tests may be allotted accommodation in the hostel, subject to availability for a period not exceeding 7 days on payment of guest charges
  • The maximum duration of stay in the hostel is the normal prescribed duration of the program of studies to which the student is admitted
  • Foreign nationals may be allowed to stay beyond the normal period prescribed for the M.Phil./Ph.D., provided their M.Phil./Ph.D. viva is likely to be conducted shortly but not later than two months after submission of thesis keeping in view the merit of each case. Stay beyond two months will be on guest charge basis, subject to the prior permission of the Dean Students’ Welfare on the recommendation of the Supervisor and Head of the Department
  • The University hostels, in general, will remain closed in summer vacation
  • It shall be mandatory for students to vacate Hostel rooms for the summer vacation for general maintenance works of the hostel
  • Subject to the provision contained in para 5.4 above all terminal (Final Year) students must surrender their rooms to the concerned warden, maximum fifteen days after completion of the end-semester examination. However, the Dean Students’ Welfare may grant extension to such students in very exceptional cases, upon request duly forwarded by supervisor concerned
  • Those hostel inmates who discontinue their studies in the middle of semester shall submit an application for vacating the hostel in the prescribed form available with hostel office to the Warden concerned at least four days in advance of the date of their leaving the hostel. Permission for vacating the hostel will be accorded by the Warden concerned after the clearance of hostel and mess dues by the students concerned is submitted to the office
  • Before vacating the hostel, each hostel inmates shall hand over to the wardens the complete charge of his or her room with all furniture and fixtures intact, and clear all hostel and mess dues. The resident students while vacating or on being evicted from the hostel rooms will have to pay the cost of article(s) found either missing or damaged, allotted in his/her name, keeping in view the original price of the article(s) as decided by the Warden, which shall be deducted from the caution money deposited at the time of admission
  • Failure to vacate the hostel room by the due date will render the hostel inmates liable to disciplinary action or fine or both and eviction procedure shall be initiated against the student
  • A hostel inmate may be evicted from the hostel for any breach of disciplinary rules/norms of hostel or mess rules, or not conforming to academic requirements as stipulated in the Academic Ordinance of the University or otherwise notified by the University
  • The eviction process will be effected by the Warden in consultation with the Dean, Students’ Welfare
  • Before eviction, the hostel inmate concerned will be served a five days eviction notice by the warden so that the resident is informed of the proposed action and could take care of his/her personal belongings lying in the room, and vacates the room on or before the date fixed for eviction
  • If the hostel inmate does not vacate by the date specified in the notice for eviction, the lock of the room shall be broken in the presence of committee consisting of
  • a. The Proctor
    b. The Warden
    c. The Security Officer or his representative
    d. The Caretaker/Matron, and
    e. A nominee of the Vice-Chancellor

Objectives of Hostel Mess

  • To ensure that hostel inmates get a balanced diet at a reasonable cost:
  • To foster a climate where the student from different creeds, languages and food habits sit and eat together harmoniously in a common mess;
  • To cultivate amongst the student co-operation and tolerance; and
  • To develop in the students capacity to manage the day to day affairs of the mess democratically.
  • Each hostel shall have a mess of its own
  • The mess shall be managed by the private contractor authorized by the university authorities.
  • The warden will be responsible for proper administration and maintenance of discipline in the hostel mess.
  • All bonafide students of the University who have been allotted seats in the university hostel shall have to join their respective hostel mess.
  • A guest of a bonafide hostel inmate shall be permitted to take meals in the hostel mess on payment of guest mess charge.
  • The mess facility arranged by the Hostel Administration through the University has to be compulsorily adopted by all inmates. Meals shall be provided to the inmates against coupons which the inmate shall purchase one day in advance from the mess contractor.
  • Each hostel inmate, his/her guest, if any, shall have to take meal in the dining hall. Sick students may be allowed to have sick diet in their rooms with the permission of the Warden, if the student is not able to eat in dining hall. In no other case shall students be allowed to take the mess food outside the dining hall.
  • All hostel inmates and guests shall go to the dining hall properly dressed.
  • Self service system shall be followed in the mess. Hostel inmates shall collect their share of food from the counter in the dining hall if they need more of certain items, they shall be provided at the dining table by the helpers.
  • Impersonation i.e. eating against another bonafide student is prohibited and defaulter shall be dealt with as per university rules including an FIR for the offence.
  • One resident may eat only one plate or thali. For more than one person to eat from one plate or thali is prohibited.
  • The Hostel inmates are expected to behave with the Mess contractor and the mess staff with proper decorum and not enter into any altercation with them. If they have any grievance, they may record the matter in the suggestion book or may bring to the notice of the warden.
  • The Warden will check the suggestion book often and sign it with remark.
  • Smoking or taking alcoholic drinks in the dining hall is strictly prohibited.
  • Student shall not take mess utensils out of the dining hall.
  • Students shall not waste food.
  • Student shall observe cleanliness in the dining hall.
  • Students shall not ask mess employees to prepare special dishes for them.
  • Students and other hostel staff not on mess duty shall not enter in the kitchen.
  • Students, including their guests, if any shall adhere to the set timings scrupulously. No complaint shall be entertained if a student fails to report within the fixed hours.
  • To use dining hall of men's/women's hostel for purposes unrelated to the mess shall require prior permission of the Warden.
  • Any breach of the above rules shall render the student liable to fine and/or disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel and removal from the University, etc.
  • In any emergent circumstances and issues not cover under the above Hostel rules wardens are authorised to take appropriate decision.
Sr.No. Items Rates
1. Admission fee (per year ) Rs. 1000/-
2 Hostel Caution Deposit (One time payment & refundable) Rs. 2000/-
3 Electrical Charges (per semester) Rs. 500/-
4 Room Rental (per semester)* Rs. 500/-
5 Services & Maintenance (per semester)/td> Rs. 500/-
6 Miscellaneous Fee Rs. 100/-
Total Rs. 4600/-
Note: (a) Hostel Caution Money shall be collected only once during one programme at the time of admission.
*a) The SC/ST students are exempted from the Room Rental Charges.