Grievance Redressal

Dr. Raj Shree

Nodal Officer
UGC Grievance Redressal Portal

 Phone: +91-8562988463

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • to ensure publicity/awareness of the establishment of grievance redressal mechanism and UGC's students' grievances portal.
  • To help in effective redressal of the grievances.
  • To monitor and respond to students' grievances lodged on the portal.
  • responsible for handling grievances of colleges affiliated to their university.
  • To submit report the action taken on the portal


  • Linking with a well-defined Disciplinary System to make it acceptable to all.
  • All actions should be prompt for better redressal of Grievance.
  • To make the redressal process fair, impartial, consistent, with prior warnings and commensurate with gravity of misconduct.
  • Aim should be on prevention of misconduct rather than controlling through disciplinary measures.
  • To create a platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and non-academic matters.
  • Get suggestions from the students for improvement.
  • Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances.

  • Whenever a complaints/grievance is received from a student, it will be recorded and a unique number will be given to the grievance for future reference.
  • Recorded grievance will be forwarded to the concerned department/ Section/Person with its comments within 15 days.
  • Departmental Head/ Sectional head may constitute a committee to resolve the issue depending upon the severity of the issue.
  • The student will be informed with the resolution given by the concerned department/Section/person.
  • Student can enquire the status of grievance under process periodically.
  • At the end of stipulated time a report/solution may be collected from concerned department/ section/Person.
  • If the grievance is resolved, the student is supplied with the solution provided by department/ section/Person.
  • If at any point of time department could not able to resolve the grievance of student, student can re-appeal to dean of the respective school for seeking the solution.
  • Escalate the grievances/ complaints to higher authority if any case, the complaints and grievances could not be handled by the department/section/Person.