Dept of Sociology

Head of the Department

Prof. Manish Kumar Verma

 Phone: 9198277999,
Special Feature of the Department

The Department of Sociology is engaged in Post-graduate teaching and research. It is being developed as a centre of excellence in the area of Sociology. The department provides students a solid grounding in sociological theory, thought and research methodology. In addition, it offers optional courses of applied nature. It has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who closely interact with the students and provide them continuous feedback to improve their performance, achieve their career goals and also contribute to the development of society with a focus on the marginalized sections of society

Master Plan (Roadmap of 5 year) of Department
  • To emerge as a leading department of Sociology in the country.
  • Increase teachers strength from seven to fifteen.
  • Increase Ph.D. Research Scholars from 20 to 50.
  • Extend catchment area of students all over the country.
  • Enroll more foreign students.
  • Plan to implement National Education Policy-2020 in toto.
  • Plan to start UG (FYP) as per NEP-2020 guidelines.
  • Forge international academic collaboration with university department and social sciences institutes. Plan to Sign MOUs with foreign universities, research institutes and NGOs.
  • Interact more intensely with NGOs and other agencies to enhance placement prospects of students.
  •  Various Committees

     Strategies for slow Learners and advanced learners