Dept of EDU

Head of the Department

Prof. Harishankar Singh

 Phone: 9405127744,

The Department of Education is established under the School of Education with the goal of providing dynamic, techno savvy future oriented individuals with indigenous thoughts who are ready to lead the nation to new heights. The department is dedicated to the goals of integrating technology and Indian philosophy and culture and aims to develop inclusive cordial atmosphere that provides platform for nurturing the inherent talents of individuals. The Department focuses on the discipline of Education, Teacher Education and training the leaders and researchers in the field of education. The department provides academic programmes that reiterate innovative teaching, experiential and participatory learning, blended learning, community engagements and extensions. The curriculum is redesigned, restructured and revamped in the light of NEP 2020 with special emphasis on Indian Knowledge System. While efforts are under the way to implement programmes ranging from Certificate to Diploma and P.G. Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. in the discipline of education. Again the primary reference point for designing and delivering the programmes are at par with the needs and demands of the Industry. Presently, the Department offers under graduate, post graduate and doctoral progrmmes with high emphasis on research and pedagogy.

Short term and Long term goals

Short term goals

  • Designing highly employable Innovative Programmes
  • Developing Curriculum for School Education
  • Practicing Pedagogical Innovations
  • Promoting Action Research
  • Community Outreach
  • Long term goals

  • Extension of Minimum Levels of Learning Competencies from primary stage to upper primary, secondary and senior secondary stage.
  • Setting National standard for Twelve Years of School Leaving Certificate
  • Supporting National and State level Educational Policy for Inclusive development
  • Linking Policies with educational practices
  • Promoting Indigenous Research
  • Centre of Excellence in School Education

 Vision and Mission of the Department

 Road Map

 Various Committees