Dept of CivilEngineering

Head of the Department

Prof. Venkatesh Dutta

 Phone: 9918466778,

The Department of Civil Engineering focuses on a multifaceted growth of students and is designed to equip them not only with the core theoretical and practical fundamentals of the discipline, but also evolve them into confident individuals, ready to make an impact on whatsoever profession (industrial work, research, entrepreneurship) they choose to pursue. Currently, the department offers B. Tech program. Civil Engineering is concerned with the improvement in quality of basic needs of human civilization and taking care of the naturally and humanly built environments with their planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance. It is the branch with a lot of diversity from geotechnical sciences to structural engineering, environmental to hydraulics, transportation to hydrology. This department is student-oriented and multi-faceted research prone and is dedicated to work together to build a sustainable future through the development of civil infrastructure and betterment of global environment.