Dept of Chemistry

Head of the Department

Prof. Anjani Kumar Tiwari

 Phone: 7503381343,

Instrumentation facilities in the Department

With an idea to nurturing a scientific field for understanding basic chemical properties of molecules and for producing new materials with controlled functions; BBAU established Department of Applied Chemistry under the aegis of School for Physical Sciences in the year 2010. Initially in 2010, there were four departments under the umbrella of the School For Physical Sciences namely Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Applied Physics and Department of Applied Statistics. However, keeping in view the employability and opportunities for the students, the nomenclature of the School as well as the Departments, have been restructured from ongoing academic session 2018. Subsequently, our School is known as the School of Physical & Decision Sciences (SPDS) and Department under SPDS is classified as Department of Chemistry. Department of Chemistry is the center for multidisciplinary research in the field of chemical sciences. It offers teaching and training programmes for post-graduate and Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers. The course curriculum is designed to impart broad coverage of all branches of chemistry so that students excel globally modifying themselves according to technological advancements. Modifications in chemistry syllabus have been done in the consultation with the industry/ established professionals, students. We have added the components of Seminars and projects to shape the student’s career in accordance with the urgent need of present time. The department is in the process of developing facilities/training at par with that of international level. Many distinguished Professors/scientists from nationally/internationally renowned institutes to deliver lectures in their area of research interest from time to time. Over a small period, the department has strengthened and expanded its roots which has been made possible by the collective efforts of dedicated faculty members, motivated students and committed supporting staff. Apart from teaching, quality advanced research is being pursued by the faculty members of the department as manifested by the works being published in reputed national as well as international journals. Faculty members have won recognition in the form of prestigious awards and fellowships of the various academic bodies both within and outside the country. Department has attracted a large number of research grants from funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), DRDO, UP-CST and many other collaborative projects. The School has been identified by the DST for support under the DST- FIST grants under which 400 MHz NMR procurement is under process. Our philosophy of teaching is by the appropriate teaching materials of us, relevant scholarship, and the life lessons which we all have learned from personal experiences. As a teacher, it is our duty to know the aspirations of our students and what they want to achieve so that we can tailor a curriculum that fits their needs.