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The Department of Economics has been offering M.A. and Ph.D. programmes at the moment and proposed to start M. Phil. programme. The Department is working with a vision of creating global leaders, having advanced infrastructural facility like computer lab and library with huge collection of national and international famous books and eminent and skilled faculty members to train the students in accordance with the need of the job market. The Department focuses mainly on advanced teaching and research. The curriculum is very comprehensive and job oriented. The Department involves the students in seminars, conference and debates. Eminent professors from other Central Universities, IIMs and IITs being invited to interact with students. The Department is in the process to sign MoU with several research and commercial organizations.

Course Name M.A. (Economics)
Duration 2 Years (4 Semester)
Intake 60

Minimum hours of teaching for M.A. in Economics programmeare as fallows

Semester Per Unit Lectures Per Paper Lectures
Semester-I Eleven (11) Forty Four (44)
Semester-II Ten (10) Forty (40)
Semester-III Eleven (11) Forty Four (44)
Semester-IV Ten (10) Forty (40)
  • Semester - I
    • Paper Code Paper Name L T P Max. Marks
      DE - 101 Micro Economic Analysis 3-1-0 100
      DE - 102 Macro Economic Analysis 3-1-0 100
      DE - 103 Mathematical Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE - 104 Indian Economic development 3-1-0 100

  • Semester - II
    • Paper Code Paper Name L T P Max. Marks
      DE - 201 Economic of Growth and Development 3-1-0 100
      DE - 202 Public Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE - 203 Welfare Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE - 204 Basic Statistics 3-1-0 100

  • Semester - III
    • Paper Code Paper Name L T P Max. Marks
      DE - 301 Principles of Agricultural Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE - 302 International Economics 3-1-0 100

  • Optional
    • Paper Code Paper Name L T P Max. Marks
      DE – 303-I Environmental Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE – 303-II Economic Law 3-1-0 100
      DE – 303-III Demography 3-1-0 100
      DE – 304-I Advance Mathematical Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE – 304-II Econometrics-I 3-1-0 100
      DE – 304-III Financial Institutions and Market 3-1-0 100

  • Semester - IV
    • Paper Code Paper Name Max. Marks
      DE - 401 Economics of Discrimination ---
      DE - 402 Economic Thought ---

  • Optional
    • Paper Code Paper Name L T P Max. Marks
      DE – 403-I Econometrics-II 3-1-0 100
      DE – 403-II Computer Application in Economics Analysis 3-1-0 100
      DE – 403-III Labour Economics 3-1-0 100
      DE – 404-I History of Modern Economic Analysis 3-1-0 100
      DE – 404-II Economics of Gender and Development 3-1-0 100
      DE – 404-III Industrial Economics 3-1-0 100

      Course Name M.Phil(Economics)
      Intake 12

      Course Name Ph.D (Economics)
      Intake As per Ph.D. Ordinance

Prof. Neel Mani Prasad Verma
Professor & Dean

NMP Verma studied at University of Bihar and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is Professor & Head, Department of Economics, and Dean, School of Economics & Commerce, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, India. Earlier he has served at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad and Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. He has guided numerous post doctoral, doctoral and M.Phil scholars. He has also directed several research projects sponsored by national and international agencies and done consultancy. He is a prolific writer and written several books. He has also edited several books, the latest one on Recession and Its Aftermath published by Springer. He has received several institutional and other awards including Best Publication Award of BBAU and Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award. He has published several peer reviewed papers in national and international reputed Journals. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Social Science and Development Policy. He is on the editorial board of International Banking and Finance, USA and International Journal of Economics and Finance, Toronto, Canada. He is founder President of Association of the Socio-Economic Development Studies. He happens to be senior professor in the University and hence often also officiates as the Vice Chancellor of the University

Prof. Sanatan Nayak
Professor & Head

Dr. Sanatan Nayak has completed his MA, M.Phil and Ph.D in Economics at University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. At present, he is Professor at Department of Economics, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, India. He has also headed the Department for six years. Earlier he has served at Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow, and National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad in different capacities. The scholar has seventeen years of teaching and research experience. He has guided number of Post Doctoral, Doctoral and M.Phil scholars. The scholar has also completed nine research projects sponsored by National and International agencies viz., ICSSR, World Bank, UNDP, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Government of India. The author specialises in Environmental and Agricultural Economics. The scholar has also expertise in handling unit level large scale data viz., NSS and Census with Econometrics models. Further, two books and one editorial book have been written by the scholar. The scholar has published nearly fifty articles in peered reviewed journals (including Economic and Political Weekly, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Review of Development and Change and articles in the Journal published by Sage, Springer and Elsevier), chapters in editorial book (including Oxford), articles in national and international conference/seminar volumes. The scholar has significantly contributed in water sector by incorporating the impacts of environmental externality into CBA, emergence of poverty and inequality due to depletion of ground water, emergence of damage costs (health costs) due to unsafe drinking water and water borne diseases. He has received several institutional awards including Best Paper Award by Indian Society of Agricultural Economics.

Dr. L.C. Mallaiah
Associate Professor

Economics of Discrimination, Financial Institutions and Markets and Basic Statistics.

Qualification:M.A. (Economics), M.Phil., M.B.A., Ph.D. (Economics)
Teaching Experience:13 Years
Research Experience:13 Years
  • Research project funded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi entitled ‘Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Structure and Productivity : A Case Study of U.P. in a Spatial Framework, 1987-88. The abstract of the monograph has been published in a World Bank Papers for the Uruguay Round entitled ‘A Research Inventory for the Multilateral Trade Negotiations, Jalaleddin Jalali (ed.), World Bank, 1988. Washington D.C., U.S.A.
  • Research project funded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi entitled ‘Contributions of Irrigation to Indian Agricultural Transformation,’1989-92.
  • Research project funded by Indo-Gulf fertilisers and Petro chemicals Ltd. Jagdishpur entitled ‘Impact of Industrial Development in Jagdishpur Area’, 1989-91 ,Co-directed with Prof PK Sinha.
  • Research project funded by the Central Water Commission at IIPA, New Delhi, entitled ‘A Study in Socio-economic Conditions and some Factors Affecting Growth Potentials of Drought Prone Districts of West Bengal, J and K and Haryana’, 1984-85 and assisted during 1982-84 Under overall direction of Prof Kamta Prasad.
  • Minor project ‘Kaldor Pasinetti Distribution Models and Economic Justice’, sponsored by Avadh University, Faizabad, 1993 Under UNASSIGNED GRANT scheme of UGC.
  • Research Project `Impact of Industrialisation on SC/ST Households in Jagdishpur Industrial Area`, Indian Council of Social Science Research, MHRD, Government of India 1998-2001.
  • Research project funded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi entitled `A Benchmark Study of Economic Miseries in Flood Prone Area in U.P., 2007-10.
  • Books / Monographs :
    • Irrigation Change and Agricultural Development: An Impact Analysis, Based on ICSSR sponsored Project report .Also published under the publication award of ICSSR, New Delhi, Uppal Publishing House, New Delhi, 1990.
    • Irrigation in India : Themes on Development, Planning, Performance and Management, M.D. Publishers, New Delhi, 1993.9 (Based on UGC sponsored project Report ).
    • Some Aspects of Economic Thought of Ambedkar, Bharat Book Centre, Lucknow, 1998. ( Monograph Based on Ambedkar Memorial Lecture).
    • Economic Disparity and Industrial Development: A Case Study of SCs of Uttar Pradesh, based on ICSSR ,New Delhi sponsored project report. Also published under Publication Award of ICSSR, Classical Publishing House, New Delhi, 2005.
    • Manual on Community Approach to Flood Management, Report of a Research Team, Compiled by Prof Kamta Prasad, published by World Meterological Organization, Switzerland and IRMED, Delhi , 2005
    • Contractual Employment in Indian Labour Market: Emergence and Expansion, Co-edited, proceeding of a National Seminar sponsored by Planning Commission and ICSSR, Govt of India, New Delhi, Concept Publishing House, New Delhi, 2010
  • Papers in Refereed Journals :
    • Leontief’s Input-Output Technique : Problems of Application in India, Indian Economic Journal, April-June, 1991.
    • Wage and Employment Structure of Drought Prone Agriculture: Analysis of a Survey, Manpower Journal, Vol., XXIV, No 1 April-June, 1988.
    • Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Structure and Productivity, ICSSR Quarterly Journal, Vol. XIX, 1-2, January, 1990.
    • Female Labour and Work Participation: Validity of the Existing Hypothesis: Manpower Journal, Vol.XXVI, No.4, October-December, 1990.
    • Determinants of Women Workers Participation : Notes on some Interdisciplinary Controversies, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol, 34, No.1, July, 1998 New Delhi.
    • Some leading issues in Irrigation Mismanagement., Bihar Economic Journal, 2001.
    • Educational Backwardness of SCs, Ambedkar Journal of Development & Social Justice BANISS, Mhow, 2002.
    • Educational Deprivation of Women and Dalits in South Asia, Indian Journal of Human Rights, Vol 4, No.1&2, 2000.
    • Missing Relevance of Social Security in Informal Sector under the Liberalised Era, Indian Journal of Public Administration, Vol.XLV111, No. 1, 2002.
    • Structural Rigidities in Rural Unemployment, Indian Journal of Applied Economics,Vol 2, No. 1, 2005.
    • Sustainable Management of Flood Water through Community participation in India, Sustainable Water Resources Management, Vol 1, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan, 2004.
    • Employment and Income Disparities among Social Group in Jagdishpur, U.P., Manpower Journal, 2007.
    • Balancing Limited Supply and Expanding Demand of Water Resources in India, Indian Journal of Applied Economics, January 2006.
    • Industrialisation Led Socio – economic Transformation in UP: A study of Jagdishpur Region, Convention Journal, Lucknow Management Association, Volume 3, No1, 2007.
    • Emergence of Contractualisation in Indian Labour Market, CSMS Journal, Vol.3,Issue 2,December 2008, pp.6-21.
    • Water pricing, Affordibility and Public Choice: An Economic Assessment from a Large Indian Metropolis, International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.1, No.2, August 2009, Toronto, Canada.
    • A Data Mining Technique for a Secured Electronic Payment Transaction, International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.1, No.4, November 2010, Toronto, Canada.
  • Papers in Edited Books :
    • Public Sector Banks and Agricultural Financing in Dr. V.K.L. Srivastava (ed.) Public Enterprise, Varanasi, 1990.
    • Rural Employment Planning: Comment in Prof. R.K. Sinha ,(ed.) Employment Policy in India, Deep and Deep, New Delhi 1986.
    • Indian Administrative Approach and Tribal Area Development in a book edited by Dr. D.B. Gupta, Tribal Development in India, Arihant Publishers, Jaipur, 1992.
    • Irrigation Management for Agricultural Development in India in Globalization and Dimension of Management edited by Prof. Atmanand, Shipra Publication, New Delhi, 1997.
    • Dams and Development in India: Some Social and Economic Implications, in Kamta Prasad (ed.) Water Resources and Sustainable Development, Shipra publications, 2003.
    • Economics of Infrastructure: Some Recent Controversies, in S Murty (ed.) Infrastructure and Social Sector Growth for Economic Growth, RBSA Publishers, 2001.
    • Human Development: An International Comparision, in S Murty (ed.) Infrastructure and Social Sector Development for Economic Growth, RBSA Publishers, 2001.
    • Deprivation and Empowerment Linkages in Development Discourse, in GP Mishra and DM Diwakar( eds,)Deprivation and Inclusive Development, Manak, New Delhi, 2006.
    • Economic Development and Values, Paper published in a book entitled `Value Management in Professions: Present Scenario, Future Strategies`, in NK Shastree, BR Dugar, JPN Mishra and AK Dhar(eds), Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2006.
    • Sustainable Rural Development in Development Challenges: Afflicting Uttar Pradesh edited by Prof. DM Diwakar and Sanatan Nayak, Manak Publications, New Delhi, 2007.
  • Many articles in magazines of Economics
  • Delivered Radio Talks on AIR on 23.11. 95, 03.01. 96, 08.06. 96, 13.08. 96 on Economic Issues.
  • Poverty, Alleviation Planning in India (May, 1988).
  • Discrimination, Deprivation and Development, 1998 Lecture Series.
  • Women Empowerment (2002)
  • Emerging Patterns of Contractual Employment in Indian Labour Market, (February 2008)
  • Panel Discussions on Budget ( 2005 - 2006)
  • Social Exclusion and Inclusive Planning workshop (August, 2008)
  • Several Invited Lectures.
  • Obtained “Merit cum Means” Scholarship During University Education at JNU, New Delhi,1979-81.
  • Obtained Research Assistanceship/Supervisionship at Indian Institute of Public administration, New Delhi, 1982- 85.
  • Recipient of “BHARAT JYOTI AWARD” conferred by Union Minister of State for Planning,Govt of India Hon`ble Sri MV Rajshekharan, India International Friendship Society, New Delhi, August, 2008.
  • Recipient of ‘BEST CITIZEN AWARD’, Conferred by International Publishing House, New Delhi, 2008.
  • Recipient of ` Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award` Conferred by His Excellency The Governor of Puducherry, Shri Iqbal Singh , IIFS, New Delhi, September 18, 2009.
  • Teaching to MA students
  • Guidance to Ph. D. Scholars
  • University Administration
  • Academic Advices
  • Consultancy
  • Industrial Economics
  • Macro Economics/Consumer and Investment Behaviour
  • Growth and Development Economics